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Christmas is the biggest festival in Britain.

The most important days of the Christmas festival are 24th - 26th December.

December 24th is called Christmas Eve.

December 25th is called Christmas Day .

December 26th is called Boxing Day.

In many homes there is a Christmas tree.
Sapin de Noel

There are many symbols of Christmas : angels, holly, snow, robins, stockings, candles, bells, crackers and lanterns.

People give presents to their family and friends. The presents are wrapped in Christmas paper.

People open their presents on Christmas Day.

People give cards to their family and friends at Christmas. Lots of Christmas card are sold in Britain every year !

Young children think that Father Christmas brings presents. Father Christmas has a long beard and wears a red suit. He rides on a sleigh.

Reindeer1 pull the sleigh.

Christmas Day is the most important day of the Christmas festival. People have a special meal. Traditional Christmas foods are turkey, Christmas pudding and mince pies.

At Christmas parties everybody has a Christmas cracker.ChristmasCrackers

Two people pull the cracker. Inside each cracker there is a small present, a paper hat and a joke.


1 : Nom invariable


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